There are 80 pure and 400 crossbred at the Sheep Research Centre.

  • Ewes sired by Romanov had a greater (80%) lambing rate at 1 yr. of age.
  • The F1 ewes have a high productivity, whatever the conditions (intensive or extensive) or the reproductive system (one lambing per year or three in 2 years).
  • The prolificacy raised from 1.1 to 2.2 for F1 compared to native breed of ewes.
  • Romanov cross lambs had 25% more survivability than native lambs.
  • Male Romanov crosses had highest dressing percentage, earlier age at slaughter and higher carcass quality.
  • Crossbreeding programs were not only conducted at Sheep Research Centre but also in villages in Erzurum, Istanbul Trek Sheep Farm, Erzincan Unluer Sheep Enterprise.
  • Different blood level of Roamanov crosses have been produced besides three breed combination cross of Morkaraman, Romanov and Charollais has been started to create new sysnthetic lines.
  • Prototype of new synthetic breed is expect to have, (- Lambing age 1 year old, - Three lambings in two years, - Litter size at birth 2,2, - Four months of live weight 50 kg)

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