The word "litter" is no longer used only for pigs, dogs and cats. After all, some Romanov ewes can produce more young than pigs.

Quadruplets, quintuplets and even sextuplets are common for a Romanov ewe.

The North American record is a litter of seven live Romanov lambs. The record for the breed is nine!

Genetically unique, the Romanov is a "pure gene" not a "cross" of other breeds.

When a Romanov is crossed with traditional breeds of sheep, a "hybrid" is produced. This hybrid advantage or "heterosis" affects rate of gain, lamb survival, fertility and litter size.

The next shocker is the early sexual maturity. While most sheep producers struggle to get their ewe lambs to lamb by the time they are twelve months old, the Romanov ewe lambs are fertile and cycling by the time they are three months old.

Romanov is unrivalled in Crossing

  • Greater conception rate
  • Higher prolificacy at each mating season
  • Early breeding age for male and female
  • Higher survival rate in new borns
  • Greater growing performance






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